As an organization focused on social relationships, we at IARR are aware of the value and importance of diversity in both our scholarship and membership. Recognizing that our scholarship is shaped by our historical, cultural, economic, social, and disciplinary contexts, we are striving to achieve a membership that is diverse in identities, nationalities, disciplines, career stages, and all other forms. A diverse membership that encompasses varied perspectives and experiences strengthens our research, scholarship, and practice.

We understand that achieving diversity and inclusion in our organization and scholarship is an ongoing process that requires both commitment and proactive work. Moreover, we believe that it is not enough to have a diverse membership. Groups and disciplines that have been historically underrepresented within our organization must also share in its governance and the shaping of IARR's future. Furthermore, it is imperative that the experiences of diverse people and relationship styles and structures are understood through the lens of a myriad of cultures and disciplines. As such, in addition to our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have developed a set of long- and short-term initiatives to focus on how inclusion and diversity can be enhanced at IARR. IARR will be most effective as an organization when its membership reflects the diversity in the world in which we live and we endeavor to become an inclusive organization that respects, values, and honors every member.

IARR is committed to the following principles:

• Diversity of identity and inclusion of underrepresented groups are crucial to the mission and governance of IARR
• International presence and disciplinary diversity are essential to the mission, governance and reach of IARR
• Understanding and addressing the lived experiences of underrepresented groups are intrinsic to understanding interpersonal relationships
• Diversity of membership and perspectives on the IARR Board, standing committees, and the editorial boards of our journals (Personal Relationships; Journal of Social and Personal Relationships) ensures all voices are heard

Download IARR Diversity Statement.