September 22, 2020
Call for Papers - Special Issue of JSPR: “The Influence of Multiple Socialization Agents on Prosocial Development”
The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships is seeking manuscript submissions for a Special Issue, to be guest co-edited by Cara Streit (University of New Mexico), Meredith McGinley (University of Wisconsin-Parkside), and Gustavo Carlo (University of California- Irvine). In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in understanding the manifestation of prosocial tendencies. Prosocial development includes tendencies, such as empathy, sympathy, helping behaviors, prosocial values, prosocial moral reasoning, and forgiveness, that reflect a concern for, and benevolence towards, others. For more information, click here.

May 1, 2020
Call for Papers - Special Issue of JSPR: “Relationships in the time of COVID 19: Examining the effects of the global pandemic on personal relationships.”
Dr. Jennifer Bevan (Chapman University) and Dr. Pamela Lannutti (La Salle University) are editing a special issue of Journal of Social and Personal Relationships entitled “Relationships in the time of COVID 19: Examining the effects of the global pandemic on personal relationships.” This special issue of JSPR focused on the effects of the pandemic on personal relationships will serve as a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners as we work to understand the pandemic’s personal and social implications and to develop recommendations for scholars and practitioners in assisting relational partners to thrive in such difficult times. Get information here.

Call for Papers - Special Issue of JSPR: "Communication technologies and relationships."
The development and use of communication technologies in our relational lives has proliferated in the past decade. In dyadic, family, and wider social relations, they are integral to the formation, maintenance, and sometimes the endings of relationships. Nonetheless, neither JSPR nor its sister journal, Personal Relationships, has published a special issue on this topic. The Editors of this issue (Susan Sprecher, Daniel Perlman, and Michelle Drouin) aspire to bring together a sampling of cutting-edge research from the multidisciplinary, international perspective of close relationship scholars in one issue, which we hope will become a resource for years to come. Get information here.


April 11, 2020
Webinar invitation: Learn about a new online data collaboration tool
This is an invitation for you to learn more about a tool we have created to facilitate collaboration using archived data. Although it has been necessary to halt in-person data collection during this time of physical distancing, we have been hearing stories from colleagues and graduate students of the understandable anxiety this causes regarding programs of research and career progress. In the hope of offering one avenue of support to members of our research community who might be affected by this, we have pushed up our previously planned webinars to begin next week, rather than in the summer. Learn more here.


March 30, 2020
A top priority of the IARR Board and the London 2020 Conference Team is the safety of our members and conference guests as well as members of the global community (which we would come in contact with during travel), due to the ongoing Global COVID-19 Pandemic. Thus, we made the difficult decision to postpone the London 2020 Conference to the summer of 2021. While this is not ideal, the move does allow us to keep everyone safe, to likely plan for the best possible conference with fewer uncertainties, and to keep IARR financially strong. This change has an impact on our announcement of the 2022 conference and has caused a move of our 2021 New Scholar Workshop and Mini-Conferences. Knowing that the future remains uncertain given the health and economic impacts COVID-19 is creating, click here to view our new plan.


March 27, 2020
Thank you to all of you who voted in the 2020 Elections, and a special thanks to all of those who were willing to run for a position. Congratulations to the following people who won the positions:
President-Elect: Stanley Gaines (Psychology, Brunel Universit, London UK)
Chair of Publication Committee: Terri Orbuch (Sociology, Oakland University, USA)
Member-at-large for Board: Geoff MacDonald (Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada)
New Professional Representative: Laura Sels (Psychology/Family, UGent, Belgium)