IARR is committed to upholding professional ethics and expects all members to abide by the ethical guidelines or codes of their respective disciplines, the IARR society and of their places of work or educational institutions. Included in our adherence to ethics is an emphasis on respecting the privacy of our members. Any contact information acquired from members of the IARR organization will only be used for academic purposes. At times, descriptive information may be obtained about members. This could include information from online surveys assessing the needs of the members, geographical location and university affiliation as part of the membership and conference sign-up procedures, and basic contact information as part of submitting manuscripts to the society’s journals. Other than required contact information, members have control over what information they choose to provide. Contact information of members (through Wild Apricot) is made available to other IARR members, with the restriction stated above that information cannot be used for anything other than academic purposes. IARR’s website may provide links to websites of others, including members’ home websites. IARR is not responsible for these third party websites. We reserve the right to update this Privacy and Ethics Statement in the future.

Download IARR Privacy and Ethics Statement.