In an effort to support and stimulate the scientific study of personal relationships, IARR has among its primary objectives to “encourage cooperation among individuals around the world and in various disciplines who are engaged in the scientific study of personal relationships” (see IARR bylaws, art. 2). IARR was born with this specific international scope and aware of the need for understanding social and personal relationships within a broad array of disciplinary, geographical, linguistic, and cultural perspectives.

Consistent with the IARR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, we understand that promoting internationalization requires devoting efforts to encourage a geographically and culturally diverse IARR membership, to include an international perspective within IARR governance, to promote exchanges among scholars of different geographical, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds, and to stimulate reflections on practices that may encourage internationalization as well as on the barriers to it within IARR and in the field of relationship research, and to promote action to tackle these issues. Our goal is then to develop initiatives to promote geographical and cultural diversity in IARR and address challenges to it. We believe that an increased internationalization will contribute significantly to strengthen our research and practice within social and personal relationships.

IARR is committed to the following principles:
• An international perspective is inherent in the mission and governance of IARR.
• Geographical, linguistic, and cultural diversity are essential for understanding how interpersonal relationships are experienced across the globe. International presence is promoted in IARR membership as well as in IARR Board, committees and Editorial boards sponsored by the association (Personal Relationships; Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; Advances in Personal Relationship book series).

Download IARR Internationalization Statement.