Beginning with Brian Ogolsky as the editor of Relationship Research News (RRN; May 2016-November 2018) and continuing with Sylvia Niehuis as the current editor (November 2019-December 2020), RRN has included a recurring spotlight column featuring the work of IARR members. Under Brian’s editorship, one spotlight featured the work of esteemed junior researchers (e.g., Casey Totenhagen), and a second one that of senior researchers (e.g., Susan Sprecher). During my term as editor, I seek to introduce IARR members from around the world, beyond such historically well-represented nations as the US and Canada. Ultimately, both Brian’s and my goal has been to showcase the wonderful work of our members, to help us get to know one another better and to facilitate collaboration.

Ashley P. Duggan
Department of Communication
Boston College

Susan Boon
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary, Canada

Pamela Lannutti
Professor and Director
Center for Human Sexuality Studies
Widener University

Laura Guerrero
Professor and Director
Hugh Downs School Of Human Communication
Arizona State University

Szu-Chia Chang
Department of Psychology
Shih Hsin University, Taiwan

Gul Gunaydin
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Leanne Knobloch
Professor and Research Chair
Department of Communications
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Sean Horan
Professor and Chair
Department of Communication
Fairfield University

Sylvia Niehuis
Associate Professor
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Texas Tech University

Dan Perlman
Professor Emeritus
Psychology and Family Studies Department
University of British Columbia and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Emily Impett
Professor and Director of the Relationships and Well-Being Lab (RAWlab)
Department of Psychology
University of Toronto

Amy Muise
Assistant Professor and Research Chair
Department of Psychology
York University

Laura Sels
Department of Experimental-clinical and Health Psychology
Ghent University

2020 Article Award
How Working with Friends Led to a Paper about How Bad Friends Could Be For Your Marriage
Dr. Katherine Fiori and Dr. Amy Rauer

2020 Book Award
The Communication of Revenge in Interpersonal Relationships
Steve Yoshimura and Susan Boon

Anita Barbee
Professor & Distinguished University Scholar
Kent School of Social Work
University of Louisville, Kentucky USA

Deborah A. Kashy
Department of Psychology
Michigan State University, Michigan USA

Lesley Verhofstadt
Associate Professor
Department of Experimental Psychology
Ghent University, Belgium

Emre Selcuk
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Sabanci University

Tea Trillingsgaard
Couple and Family Relationship Research Lab
Department of Psychology
Aarhus University

Fabienne Meier
Post-doctoral Researcher
Clinical Psychology
University of Zurich

Eran Bar-Kalifa
Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychology
Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik, PhD.
Assistant Professor
Sabanci University, Instanbul

Ohad Szepsenwol, PhD.
Assistant Professor
Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Israel

Brienna Perelli-Harris, PhD.
Professor of Demography
Department of Social Statistics and Demography
University of Southampton

Sietske Dijkstra, PhD.
Social Sciences Professional
Consultant, Professional Educator, and Interventionist

Jessica Maxwell, PhD.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Rozzana Sánchez Aragón, PhD.
Department of Psychology
National Autonomous University of Mexico.