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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee


Kristin D. Mickelson, Arizona State University, USA


As an organization focused on social relationships, we at IARR are aware of the value and importance of diversity in both our scholarship and membership.




Cassandra Alexopoulos, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA
Anita Barbee, University of Louisville, USA
Wendy Birmingham, Brigham Young University, USA
Karen Blair, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
James Brooks, Indiana University, USA
Jennifer Hirsch, Yale University, USA
Audra Nuru, University of St. Thomas, USA
Sally Olderbak, Ulm University, Germany

Student Members:
Amy Lippman, University of St. Thomas, USA
Anne Malloy, University of St. Thomas, USA
Khanyi Ndlovu, University of St. Thomas, USA